Computer Vision

This blog needs content, but grad school has all but consumed my life. I don’t have much time to organize more recent things I’m doing, but I did manage to dig some old stuff up, and I hope that they will still be interesting to readers. Here are some computer vision assignments:

Computer vision is arguably one of the most interesting class I’ve taking in my time here at Georgia Tech. The videos above show a program tracking Romney’s face/hand by means of a particle filter. Imagine a template taken beforehand being compared to a window centered at each of the dots, with the correlation between the template and window defining each dot’s weight. The red window results from taking the weighted average of each dot’s position. Neat stuff.

And here is some feature matching by means of a SIFT plus RANSAC algorithm:


Despite the picture being rotated, this program can find corresponding locations. It can even match a template to more complicated transformations. I can try to have source code put up if I can ever find them.

Until next time.

My Hackaday feature!

I wrote to Hackaday  hoping to get featured for my ECE4180 final project. What do you know, it did! Check out the post here:

They caught us using desktops (which sort of goes against the “Embedded” part of ECE4180 – Embedded Systems), but that’s only because of the time constraint. Still though, I’m glad for the feature. Thanks Hackaday!